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​We are a comprehensive fee-only financial planning firm.   We provide conflict-free financial planning and investment advice tailored to your unique situation.   We work with you to define your goals and to implement a plan to achieve your financial independence.   Our goal is simple-to help people make smart financial decisions with their money so they can accomplish their goals for the reasons that are important to them.  

Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC is a Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Texas registered investment advisory firm.   Our intention is to bring comprehensive fee-only financial planning that is in alignment with our client's core values, not just to the wealthy, but to everyone.   This means we are holistic in our outlook and objective in our perspective.   With Cambridge Financial Advisors, you can expect exceptional service and individualized attention.   We aspire to build lifelong relationship with our clients.  

We've built our reputation on trust, integrity and a commitment to providing intensely personal service to every individual with whom we have a relationship.   Let us partner with you to achieve the life of your dreams.  

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