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How Are We Different

Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC is a true fee-only practice, which means our income is derived purely from a pre-determined annual retainer fee rather than from commissions. True fee-only financial planners are paid by their clients and only by their clients.  They don't sell financial products of any kind, nor do they receive commissions or hidden fees.  This is important, because when you work with us, the possibility of a conflict of interest regarding compensation does not exist.  We will advise you on financial products such as investments and insurance, but we do not sell them or receive any benefit from their sale.  This allows us to seek out the best alternatives for you without third-party relationships or outside influences to color our thinking or recommendations.  This assures that our advice is independent, objective and always in your best interest.

In addition, as Registered Investment Advisors, we are under a legal obligation to act as your fiduciary.  A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care imposed in either equity or law.  A fiduciary is expected to be extremely loyal to the person to whom they owe the duty - they must not put their personal interests before the duty, and must not profit from their position as a fiduciary unless the principal consents.  The fiduciary relationship is highlighted by good faith, loyalty and trust.  A fiduciary standard means that we are putting your interests first.

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